Chris Jansen, Reece Bentley & Sean Taylor

Reece and Chris have already been prepared, stripped naked and taped up, their hands strapped to their thighs and their mouths covered to prevent them from crying out. It’s a good thing too, chav lad Sean has a punishing session of cock play planned for them! No one can hear them moaning or cry out when he arrives to suck on their uncut cocks, roping them together and tying their dicks and balls, ready for the flogging to come. He loves using his boys like that, delivering the pain before getting back to the pleasure as he wanks their dicks and sucks the precum from their helmets. Even their dicks get some whipping from the flogger before he’s finally ready to wank them both off and make their dicks spew cream! With some final flogging to remind them who’s boss he leaves the two standing, tied together, spent and aching in the sun.

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Chris Jansen- Part 3 – The Conclusion

Sweet twink captive Chris has already been wanked off, pegged, flogged, fucked with a dildo, had his bare feet and his trapped balls caned and pricked… finally he’s moments away from freedom, but only if he can give the master another cum load. The boy is led to the wall and chained again, still blindfolded and naked. Restrained and unable to flee he submits to the torment of having his nuts roped and stretched, hot wax poured over his naked flesh, his long uncut cock made to throb as the master claims another wad of hot young cum from his sensitive shaft! Is freedom finally here?

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Chris Jansen – Part 2

Captive boy Chris has been exchanged for his parents debts, he’s already been wanked and drained of cum in a flogging and pegging, but the master isn’t done with him yet. The boy’s bare buttocks are taking a beating while he’s chained to the rack, his balls locked between canes in a vice-like grip as his scrotum is slapped and pricked with the pinwheel. His yelps and cries serve only to encourage more punishment as he endures the feel of a massive dildo puncturing his innocent ass. With his bare feet caned and his balls being spanked and slapped the boy realizes his torment is still not over!

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Chris Jansen – Part 1

Chris has the worst parents. The sweet young man has been offered as payment for their debts, handed over to a devious and horny man who plans to make full use of his new toy. Within moments of his arrival the sexy young twink finds himself chained to the wall and blindfolded, his naked body flogged, painful pegs attached to his most sensitive areas, his cock wanked and made to spew hot young cum as the pegs are ripped from his body! He’s scared, drained of jizz, aching all over, but the experience has only just begun!

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Michael Wyatt & Ashton Bradley

Ashton really is feeling devious these days! He’s had handsome Michael stripped naked, bound by the ankles and feet, then left on his shoulders up against the old rusting bed. He’s been feeling kinky about feet lately, especially after he found out that Michael can’t stand having his bare soles beaten. The boy takes such a punishment as his naked pink feet are caned hard and covered in hot wax, but his tender balls aren’t kept out of the punishment either. It’s almost a relief for the boy when Ashton turns his attention to his pucker and sinks his massive cock into him for a pile-driving fuck!

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Iron and Walker team up in orgy

Tiron (Jordan Fox) is looking for revenge and goes searching for Walker (Mathieu Ferhati). When he finds him he gives him the gift of eternal life. Walker wakes up at the dark prince’s lair, who generously lends him his favourite cock-sucker (Greg Ken) while he plays with Edward (Kevin Ass). This marks the beginning of a supernatural orgy between two relentless night creatures and their sex-slaves not to be missed!

Starring: Jordan Fox, Mathieu Ferhati, Greg Ken, Kevin Ass

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Mickey Taylor Pops Newbie’s Cherry in a Sling Fuck

Young, slim Brett has his hands bound – a tasty morsel for Mickey Taylor, who’s in the sex club on the hunt for a useful hole. Mickey is feeling very aggressive today and just needs to let off steam. He stuffs his rigid fuckmeat deep into the young dude’s gob. The little guy can really put it away and also makes himself useful as a breeding bitch in the sling. The inked punk hammers his juicy dong deep into the tight boy cunt until both dudes pump out massive wadds of cum.

Mickey Taylor

Brett Dillon

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Dust off the holiday cobwebs and dance off the Christmas puddings at our fantastic Naked Foam Party this
Sunday 1st January!
Still the best way to start the New Year refreshed!
Our New Year Foam Parties remain our biggest event of the year, so we hope you will join us and hundreds of sexy naked guys to start 2017 with a bang: frolic in the foam, cruise in the play room or meet with mates, old and new in the bar, we promise you a unique, naughty and exciting afternoon like no other! 
Expect fabulous frothy tunes from our lovely naked DJs Markus and D’Viant, a dance floor head-high in foamy Sunday suds, a (dry) chill out and playroom, large bar area, plenty of seating, free condoms and lube, outdoor smoking area and the happiest welcome in town!
Sunday 1st January  3pm to 9pm
Members, military & NUS £15
Guests  £20
Full details, location and info at

Wriggle In The Playroom

I first met Wriggle at the railway station, he was wearing a well worn two inch wide leather collar that he wore everywhere with long hair that went all the way down to his waist. The first job was to take him to the barbers.
We sat and waited until it was his turn then he sat in the chair and I told the barber that he wanted his hair cut short with just a mohawk. The poor barber gathered a large bunch of hair up at the back of his head and was just about to put the clippers into it, when a lady passing the shop banged on the window and waved her arms. Her timing couldn’t have been more perfect. The poor barber, almost sh*t himself, dropped the hair and stood back. “That’s not his mother?” the barber asked me nervously.
“No, she’s nobody, she’s just having you on. I assured him and he gathered up the hair again.
As he held the clippers he asked. “Are you really sure?”
“Yes I’m sure,” I told him, and with one motion a large clump of hair came away in his hand then dropped on the floor. Then he worked away until Wriggle had his first Mohawk. On the sides of his head, the barber had cut puppy paw prints into the sides of his head. Just as the barber had finished, the little old lady came back up the road. Looked in the shop window, saw Wriggle and put her thumbs up to indicate that she’d approved.

This visit Wriggle arrived at my home then was very quickly taken to the playroom where he quickly stripped and dressed in the crotchless rubber suit that I provided him with. In next to no time, his arms were up. His legs spread and secured in place with a spreader bar. Then I was able to toy with him like a cat with a mouse.

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Goodbye to 2016. Lows – Highs and Lows – It’s all gone to pot

This year started with my very best friend of all time, being diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and told he had a year to live, even with Chemo. He still went ahead with months of Chemotherapy treatment.

On the Wednesday before Christmas he was given the all clear. So he is now looking forward to getting back to full health and having a good life.

Since the 90’s my musical taste has been through many changes. 2012 my youngest brother died of lung cancer. Not everything,  but much of what he did in his life. (Especially the weed and long hair.) Often brought Willie Nelson to mind. In his death, hearing Willie Nelson brought my brother to mind. Then two years ago, another of my younger brothers died, a victim of a tumour.  His coffin was carried into the Crematorium while this song played. When the service was over the curtain was drawn around the coffin whilst this song played. Those two songs were so well suited to my brothers life. Whenever I hear them, I’m reminded of both brothers that I lost early. And it got me into listening to similar music. So for quite a while now, my musical taste has turned towards the talents of The Great Waylon Jennings Merle Haggard Kris Kristofferson and the awesome Willie Nelson Although I have never been dependent on the green stuff. I have found some amusing songs about weed like this song by Toby Keith and Scot Emerick. Another is this song by Willie and Merle. And who can’t appreciate the fantastic Dr Hook with I Got Stoned and I missed it!

Since the 60’s I have been a fan of the Wurzels when their creator’s (Adge Cutler) first single was made famous because the BBC banned the ‘B’ Side. Like many people of all ages, I’m still a fan today. At the same time, I’ve been a fan of the Quo, since their beginning in the 60’s. Last Friday, I was alone at home all day, and my closest neighbours were away. So my house rocked with music from Status Quo. the worlds most under-rated band.That grungy sound of the stacks of Marshall valve amplifiers, which is associated with The Quo sound. Blared through the house for most of the day. There is only one way to listen The Quo. FULL FUCKING VOLUME! Shake the cobwebs from the rafters.
If you don’t move to The Quo, don’t bother the doctor. Call the undertaker, You’re Dead!

Many of the more mature people will know The Quo opened the 1985 Band Aid Concert with their Rocking all over the world

What a difference a day makes. On Saturday, I dug out an old Quo CD and played it at full blast whilst I sped down the M5 to visit family in Somerset. There, I got the news that Rick Parfitt had died on Thursday. For those who don’t know, Rick Parfitt is one of the founder members of Status Quo from the 60’s. Like millions of their army of fans, I’m DEVASTED! when I think that Rick won’t be Rollin’ Home or In the Army anymore. But at least Francis Rossi is insisting that “I ain’t moving to Heartbreak Town – The party ain’t over yet.”

After taking DynamoPup to work this morning, I came home to find the neighbours are out. If you’re visiting me today. Don’t bother knocking, just let yourself in and put the kettle on, because I won’t hear you. Guess who’s house is rocking!

Corey Conor

Corey looks so innocent in his uniform, but the boy has been bad and needs to be taught a lesson – he’s not gonna look so innocent when he’s been spanked and made to cum by the master! After being made to strip the boy takes a spanking, his arse red and angry, the cane delivering sharp strikes against his tender flesh. The boy can’t resist when there’s a hard and wet cock in his face, wanking himself off as the master feeds him his meat!

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Jack Ashley & Sean Taylor

Jack has been waiting out in the sun for someone to come along and make use of him. Chav boy Sean is the lucky one to find him first, sucking and waking the boys uncut dick, feeding him his own massive cock and drenching the bound boy in piss too! With both needing to bust their loads Sean wanks the cream out of his captive before taking up position to shoot his semen out in Jack’s face!

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Reece Bentley & Luke Desmond

Reece has a hot smooth ass to use, a hole no sane boy could refuse. Luke definitely can’t say no when he steps into the derelict farmhouse and finds the naked lad bent over and roped down in the perfect position. A little fingering and that ass is reluctantly opening up, Luke’s hard uncut 9 inches are quickly sinking in as he fucks that boy and uses his pucker for his own pleasure, dousing the lads ass cheeks with cum! It’s a good thing all the local farm boys don’t know he’s here, they’d all be lining up to pump their dicks into him too!

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Virgin boy’s last fuck

Tiron (Jordan Fox) is injured and seeks refuge at the Full Metal club in Paris. He needs to find a new pray to regenerate. The unfortunate Edward (Kevin Ass) is a virgin and he’s attracted the starving vampire. He manhandles him, brings him downs to his knees and starts fucking his mouth, shoving his over-sized cock all the way down the poor boy’s throat who nearly chokes on it. The dark creature is quickly gathering energy and becoming hornier. He wants to feed on his victim’s ass, licking it, spanking it and pounding it with his supernatural might! Edward is in total ecstasy, totally unaware that he is getting fucked for the very last time…

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Michael Wyatt & Sean Taylor

We never told the 6 foot hunky carpenter what were going to use the stocks for, but we all know he would have loved to be the first to pound this arse! Within an hour of the hired help leaving Michael was stripped and bound, locked into them ready for Sean to use. Check it out as the horny bottom gets his perfect hole filled with toys, then with that big rock hard cock as chav boy Sean pounds his opening and squirts his cum over the lads cheeks!

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