The Pet

Leather-clad daddy Matthew Anders loves his new toy, and his new toy loves him. Caged and chained, pet-boy Johannes Lars is at the service of his master, and is on his knees ready to do as he’s told like any good slave should. Pushing his thick uncut dick through the bars, Johannes laps at the shaft like sucking on a lollipop. Devouring as much as he can through the strong metal struts. After playing with his smooth pink hole, lubing it up with spit and tasting his boys long thick dick, bearded Matt wants more from his boy and leads him out of the cage and still bent inside, slides his raw dick deep inside the milky-white boy, pulling on his chain collar as he gets him to back up onto him, proving what a cock-hungry pet he really is to his master. Bringing him out of the cage as a treat for taking dick so well, Matthew gets him to bounce on top of that bare dick, feeling the warmth of his shaft penetrate him deeper than before, going balls-deep again and again, the chain of his leash clinking with each bounce, reminding him that he’s under ownership and needs to please his man. Showing his appreciation, daddy Matthew Anders shoots a thick load over Johannes, his open pink hole gratefully taking up every available drop as it’s fucked into him, the sign of a happy master. Allowing his boy to shoot too, Johannes kneels in front of Matt’s leather boots, and covers them with a huge load of thick spunk. Lapping at the fresh load, cleaning his boots of what he just shot over them, Johannes takes up every last drop, leaving the boots shining and his young body full of cum.

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Five-Fingered Masked Men

The masked gang have their latest victim already being held in position for a great throat fuck from black stud Tyson Tyler, his thick meat making Marco moan out loud as he’s shared between him and fellow gangland stud Riley Coxx. Pinned down and swallowing as much dick as is presented to him, hairy Arabesque Riley pulls his sweatpants down as Tyson strips him on his sweater, leaving their boy butt naked, his smooth ass and delicious pink hole perfect for ass-hungry Riley to devour. Tyson is more than happy to keep face fucking this trade, the more dick he takes the more ass play he gets from Riley, a perfect compromise for all bottom boys out there. Raised up to give us the best view, Riley fingers Marco; first one finger, then 2, building up to a shared fingering of up to 5 fingers all poking his hole wide, getting him nice and open and wet with spit, ready for dick! Subjected to Riley’s hard fucking as Tyson keeps his ass cheeks spread open for us, and his mate to get even deeper until Tyson pulls Marco’s face to his crotch and jerks right over him, spunking on his face!

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Mickey Taylor Turns Timmy Into His Cum Dump

Mickey grabs party boy Timmy Treasure and fucks the hell out of him while Nathan pervs on them. Timmy‘s bubblebutt has been broken in well and slimed up from his last fucking with Nathan, so can Mickey plough straight in. The tattooed punk fucks the sperm-addicted whore into the floor, dumps over his hole and stuffs it back in hard!

Cast: Mickey Taylor, Timmy Treasure, Nathan Hope

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Young Dude Roughly Dominated by XL Muscleman

The cheeky puppy Rafa gets teased by muscle macho Aday Traun. On all fours on his leash he’s first pissed over in his cage – full stream right in his face! To top it off the piss pole gets sucked hard and underdog Rafa has to show how good can work his cocksucking mouth. The fun’s over there and the tattooed mucleman Aday turns Rafa in a devoted mutt who has to take a hard fucking, slime and even more piss…

Cast: Aday Traun, Rafa Marco

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Cute Arse, Waggy and Wild Child at Bonderosa

This session started with Waggy givinging Cute Arse and Wild Child a tour of the slave farm.

Then Wild Child is roped for Waggy to play with before Waggy eventually leaves Wild Child hanging around with a vibrating plastic duck swing from his appendage

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Houseboy position / Bristol, England

Master with 21 year old, messy, alpha pup, needs a regular, obedient
houseboy of any age.

Probably a bit late for this year, but it may suit a local student as
we’re prepared to offer your own rent-free bedroom (Just share the
bills) in exchange for keeping our home in good order.

Apply Here

Young Bastards – Ginger Bitch Boy Learns His Lesson

Levi Stephans and Ashley Hayes are two uncontrollably horny young fuckers. Redheaded sub stud Levi loves the smell of feet as much as he loves to be used by a dominant dude. Luckily for him, Ashley is happy to use the slut to take whatever his own dong needs. After some foot fetish play Levi ploughs his tool into Ashley’s face with a rough throatfucking. Soon the horny stud is delivering a rough, relentless fuck up the boytwat – the only real way to keep a slut happy.

Cast: Levi Stephans, Ashley Hayes

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Young Bastards – Hot spanking session with a fresh, muscled chav top

Rafa Marco is a young sub pig who can pack a lot in. He loves kneeling in front of fresh, muscular Valentino to suck on his swollen cock and is happy to get his ears boxed if he doesn’t service him well enough. Valentino ruthlessly takes what he wants from his human sex toy, thrashing his ass with his strong hands and leather whip. After the spanking session the red-raw bubble butt is finally ready for fucking, and the good-looking young chav dumps his creamy load into his bottom slut’s hungry mouth.

Cast: Valentino Ribas, Rafa Marco

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